A downloadable VELOCITY for Windows, macOS, and Android

VELOCITY is a fast-paced, geometry-themed, infinite side scroller, where you match your character's colors to that of the tile below you. 

As you score more points, the velocity of the game increases. Different pickups like Slow-Mo and Decolorizer can be found on the way to help you reach your highest velocity!

VELOCITY was made in 3 days. Thanks to everyone who tested out pre-alpha versions.


A - change color to red

S - change color to green

D - change color to blue

F - change color to purple

Space - jump

Right-Mouse Click - Activate Decolorizer, which temporarily "decolorizes" tiles

Tab - resets high scores

This game was originally developed and published for My First Game Jam Winter 2020.

[Still in development]

Update Log:

  • v1.1 : Added soundtrack and sound effects, added high scores, Post Processing effects
  • Though slightly unoptimized, the Android version is now out!
  • v2.0: Added Main Menu, Pause Menu and Settings, added game juice, added upper block
  • v2.0.1: Fixed background sound bug, removed 'Trial Version' watermark
  • v2.1: Optimized the game, fixed performance issues, now using Universal Render Pipeline(URP)
  • Support for MacOS added!
  • Updated Android version with image effects

Install instructions

The game is compressed as a .rar or .zip file. 

Download, decompress, play!


VELOCITY for Windows(v2.1) 27 MB
VELOCITY for Windows(v2.0.1) 26 MB
VELOCITY for macOS 30 MB
VELOCITY for Android(v2.1) 32 MB

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